Benefits of Babywearing

babyWearing your baby is more common nowadays. This is because babies are less fussy and cry less when they are worn. Babywearing simulates conditions inside the womb. By wearing your baby he will experience walking with mom, hearing her heat beat and voice and being cocooned against her. When babies are content and quiet they are in a state of quite alertness. This state allows them to learn visually and interact with the world around them.

1. Convenience

Wearing baby is convenient. When baby is in a sling we can walk around freely and not worry too much about navigating through narrow spaces or wrestling with a stroller. Slings also eliminate distractions during breast feeding.

2. Security

Baby slings are not only for infants and babies but are ideal for toddlers as well. Toddlers placed in a sling are more secure. They can explore the world around them through the sling but when they are uncomfortable they can retreat inside. Many slings can accommodate babies up to 40 pounds.

3. Bonding Tool For Dad

Wearing baby can be a great time to bond with dad. When dad wears the baby, they can get to know each other better. The baby can get familiar with Dad’s voice and rhythms. Grandparents and caregivers can also get to know baby this way.

4. Slings Are More Affordable

Slings generally cost between $25 to $50; strollers on the other hand costs up to ten times more. There are even slings that can be bought in thrift stores that are even cheaper.

5. Babywearing is fun

Babywearing means cuddle time with baby. When baby is at eye level, it makes it easier for everybody to interact and bond. You child can feel that he or she is truly a part of your life.

6. Babywearing is healthy

Exercising when you’re a parent is very challenging. Get a workout everytime you wear baby. Enjoy the benefits to your health while brisk walking with baby in a sling. A long walk with baby in a sling is also a good way to tire out an overly stimulated child.

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