Weird Celebrity Baby Names

babyMany celebrities like attention. When it comes to their children, it seems that they like their kids to have some of the attention too. Celebrities like other normal parents want the best for their kids too however, with names like this, one has to wonder how these kids will do regardless of how financially well off they are with these kinds of names

Pilot Inspektor

Funny man and “My Name is Earl” actor Jason Lee has named his son Pilot Inspektor because he a heard the song by the band Granddaddy. With a name like this many kids are bound to sing the lines of the song: “He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot” which we imagine will not be fun for Lee’s kid.

Sage Moonblood

When we first hear the name of Sylvester Stalone’s son Sage Moonblood we actually thought that it was for a baby girl, some thought it was the name of his new movie. However since Moonblood will be Sage’s middle name this is actually in the weird-but-fine category.

Shannyn Sossamson

Actress Shannyn Sossamson’s daughter is named Audio Science. This name is actually quite bizarre and when heard by many people many people would probably picture a class at the local community college rather than a human being.

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa’s kids are Moon Unit and Diva Thin Muffin. His other kids are called Dweezil and Ahmet. Ahmet is actually not bad as it is a Turkish name meaning “highly praised”. His other kids however are frankly not quite so lucky when judged by normal people standards.

Penn Jillette

Like Sage Moonblood, Penn Jillete’s child is quite lucky when compared to many of the above children. Jillette’s Moxie Crimefighter can just go by Moxie as middle names are seldom used.

Rob Morrow

Rob Morrow’s Tu Morrow is going to grow up with a lot of teasing. This name ranks high on the weird baby names list along with other bizarre monikers like “Mary Christmas” and “Candy Barr”.

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