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Practical Baby Shower Gifts

babiesBaby showers are great ways to help friends and family members prepare for their new arrival. But with many options available, which one do you choose? Bronzed baby shoes, designer outfits or gag gifts are always fun to open but are they practical or useful? If you want a gift that your friends will appreciate check out our baby shower gift ideas below.

Baby Announcement Cards

It might be old fashioned but sending baby announcement cards are still a hit for many parents. Make the gift extra special by helping your friends fill them out. Some choose to send email announcements but others prefer to send cards via traditional mail. But regardless of what method they choose your friend will need help filling and sending them out. So pick out email templates or card designs that you think they will like.

Car Seat

Car seats are practical and great gifts to give your friends or family. They are great for running errands because you know that baby will be safe in the car seat. Skip the car seat with the cute and colorful design and go for durability and safety features. Also, try to find a model that is easy to put baby into. Many people debate as to the usefulness of car seats for children over 4 years old but they are a must for babies.

Activity Station

Activity station can keep babies busy for hours. They give parents a break from having to entertain the baby. Activity station can also help stimulate baby’s brain which is essential for their continuing brain development. Choose a station that has many bright colors and a reflective surface for maximum entertainment and fun.

Diaper Genie/Pail

Give your friends a great and easy way to control diaper stink by buying them a diaper genie or pail. Many people like the diaper genie or pail because it keeps from stinking up the room. The thing to remember with this gift is that the user needs to change the cartridge regularly in order for it to work. As long as the parents use this correctly, it is a practical and great gift to give.