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Multiples – Twins, Triplets

Congrats! You’re Having Multiples

You’re being scanned, and your ultrasound shows that you are being blessed more than once. But does having multiples mean more trouble? Not at all, if you are well prepared. Here’s what you need to know to make it into more fun with multiples:

1) Multiples have a high chance of premature birth. You may have to use monitors and have other issues that surround premature babies. When you take them home, you will find that you are continually exhausted due to feedings and sleep apnea monitor alarms, so you ought to make sure that you snooze when the babies sleep and ask for additional help where possible.

2) Many parents elect to put twins or even triplets into the same crib. They do not move around very much and they are used to being snuggled next to each other. You will have to move them into separate cribs when they can move around though, as it may present the risk of suffocation.

3) The number of diapers that you will go through will be mind-boggling. Whether you select cloth or disposables, you want to evaluate the cost of each and the care of them. Disposable diapers are easier on your babys skin and you will get more use out of each diaper. Check different stores to find the best bargain for your diapering choice.

4) Preemies are usually more sleepy than full-term newborns. Preemies respond to over stimulation by sleeping and withdrawing even through feeding, bathing, and diapering them. Work with them and understand that they will begin to awake when they get closer to their due date.

5) Preemies frequently experience reflux and spitting up more than full-term babies. This is because the sphincter in their stomach may not be fully developed. Work with them, but do not overfeed them or you will see it again when they spit it up.

6) Routine is a very important part of living with multiples. Being flexible with your schedule will help your babies learn to sleep, eat, and grow better! And you will be much happier too!

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